Cloud video platform powered by AI/ML

As part of video platform; we offer managed solutions for TV Broadcasters , OTT/vMVPD providing services across live capture, video encoding, ad-monetization, media streaming, video anaytics, content management system, live cloud studio, content syndication to digital, social & OTT platforms.

For linear TV streaming monetization; we auto-detect TV ad breaks by analysing IP feeds using our proprietary AI/ML technology and dynamically replace them with targeted video ads ("Live Mid-rolls") using our Dynamic Ad-Insertion technology products creating NEW revenue opportunity from internet streaming devices and platforms. Read more about our AI/ML technology here.

For content monetization; TV Broadcasters/App providers can integrate video player ad-monetization SDK with multiple ad-formats. We also provide branded OTT/Connected TV apps pre-integrated with our ad-monetization SDK.

Our Broadcasters/OTT

End-to-end cloud video platform

Trusted by leading Live & VoD publishers

Live Capture

TV Channel Downlink,
Mobile Phone Capture




Cloud & Local Storage
Archival & Recording

Live Streaming

Cloud & Multi-CDN. Unlimited Concurrent Users

Video Player

HTML5 Player.
Web & Mobile Apps
Pre-roll, Mid-roll & Post-roll Video Ads


Video Analytics.
Ad-Tracking & Ad-Analytics


Google AdX, FAN Support

Video CMS

Video Upload
Metadata Management.

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AI/ML Technology

Analyze Linear TV streams/Videos using cutting edge Artficial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology on cloud


V-SPOT is AI/ML driven cloud based technology which auto-detects TV Ad-breaks without need of any Cue-tones/Ad-markers by analysing the linear TV ip stream in near real time.

It can scale to 100's of TV channels. It works on any channel, any language, any genre.


V-Mark inserts digital SCTE-35 ad-markers frame accurately in HLS output stream during start & end boundaries of TV ad-breaks.

V-MARK can integrate with AI/ML based V-SPOT technology (or) GPI triggers from TV Broadacaster playout system for TV break detection.


V-Scan can analyze image, video & live stream content with highly scalable computer vision and machine learning techology. With V-Scan, you can identify objects,logos, people, text in images, videos & live stream. V-Scan also provides facial analysis & face recognition for use cases like user verification, people counting etc

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Live TV Ad-Insertion Products

Dynamic Ad-Insertion (DAI) on Live streams using Client Side Ad-Insertion (CSAI), Server Side Ad-Insertion (SSAI) & In-Feed Ad-Insertion Options


V-Flows is a Client-side ad insertion (CSAI) Technology — whereby video ad is delivered as overlay on live/video content through Vidgyor video player. During the ad-break, video player calls VAST compliant ad-server fetches and serves targeted ads based on the subscriber/audience profile. Vidgyor video player suppports VAST/VPAID ad-tags and is IAB compliant. Vidgyor video player will be integrated on TV broadcasters Websites & Mobile Apps.

We can auto-detect broadcast TV ad-breaks using our AI/ML based V-SPOT technology (or) SCTE ad-markers (or) GPI Triggers from playout automation.

Vidgyor End-to-End V-Flows Monetization Solution encompasses V-Spot, V-Mark & V-Flows Player.

Ad-Insertion Ads are inserted at the Video player as overlay on content
Ad-Break Detection AI/ML based V-Spot (or) GPI Trigger(or) SCTE Ad-markers
Monetization Programmatic (VAST/VPAID) and Direct Sales on CPM
Targeting Personalized Targeting: User level, Geo, Time, Device
Ad-Tracking Ad-Impressions, CTR, Quartiles & 3rd party reporting
Platforms Web, App & OTT (Required Video player Integration)
Video ads are personalized, clickable & interactive - Increases user engagement
Quick Monetization via integration with any VAST/VPAID compliant video ad-network/ad-server
Comprehensive tracking & ad-analytics, 3rd party reporting


V-Fusion is a Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) Technology — also referred to as “ad stitching,” “server-side ad stitching,” or “dynamic ad insertion (DAI)” — is a method of programmatic ad delivery whereby ad content is delivered in union with the video content via proxy/edge servers in cloud that stitch the video ads into the video content using manifest manipultation for a seamless/no-buffering user experience while switching between content & ad.

We can auto-detect broadcast TV ad-breaks using our AI/ML based V-SPOT technology (or) SCTE ad-markers (or) GPI Triggers from playout automation.

V-Fusion is SaaS based solution could be provided as either End–to-End or customized /bespoke Vidgyor End-to-End V-Fusion Solution encompasses V-Spot, V-Mark ,V-TRANS (packaging) & “V-Fusion Dynamic Ad-Insertion (DAI)”

Vidgyor’s V-Fusion DAI dynamically inserts targeted video ads on SCTE-35 ad-marked Live TV IP feeds from VAST ad-servers.

Ad-Insertion Content & Ads are Stitched at edge. TV like seamless user experience. No buffering/loading.
Ad-Break Detection AI/ML based V-Spot (or) GPI Trigger(or) SCTE Ad-markers
Ad-Blockers Circumvents
Monetization Programmatic (VAST only) and Direct Sales on CPM
Ad-Targeting Only Geo, Time, Device
Ad-Tracking Only Ad-Impressions and Complete View
Platforms Web, App & OTT (Without Video Player)
Produces a seamless TV-like experience without latency or buffering between content and ads
Circumvents Ad blocking and avoids Ads Monetization leakages
Multi screen solution. Web, App, OTT, Connected TV


V-Alchemy solution is cloud based AI/ML driven solution in which TV ad-break content shall be auto-replaced with new promos/video ads content which are burnt-in on the live feed in near real time. The promos/video ads shall be provided by the client.

We can auto-detect broadcast TV ad-breaks using our AI/ML based V-SPOT technology (or) SCTE ad-markers (or) GPI Triggers from playout automation.

Web console is used for managing promo/ad-schedule, As-run log files shall be provided for reporting. Ads replaced output live stream (RTMP/HLS) can be pushed to Website, Mobile Apps, Social platforms and 3rd party OTT platforms for monetization.

Vidgyor’s V-Alchemy Monetization Solution encompasses V-Spot, V-Mark & V-Alchemy Ad-Insertion

Ad-Insertion Ads are "burnt-in" inside live feed
Ad-Break Detection AI/ML based V-Spot (or) GPI Trigger(or) SCTE Ad-markers
Monetization Direct Sales of Ad Spots like TV
Ad-Targeting Time based, Output based.
Ad-Tracking As-Run Log File.
Platforms Web, App, OTT & Social (YT/FB) (Without Video Player), Geo targeted feeds
New Revenue from InFeed ads on Social Platforms & Digital
Direct Sales of inventory by In house sales on Ad-spot model
Additional Revenue from overlay Ads and info-graphic Ads such as L-Band, Bug, Logo, Aston Band etc
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Live cloud studio for social syndication

Manage & streamline your Live stream workflow on cloud using browser


V-live-CLIP is "Live-to-VoD" clipper for breaking news and highlights which needs to be delivered to viewers as quick as possible. Use Vidgyor's Cloud Editor to cut video clips from Live TV stream/Live events, add start/end cards, sponsor logos etc and syndicate/share it instantly to all digital platforms including Social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter within minutes.


Auto-record Live TV stream/Live Events and create VoD files based on Program Schedule/EPG

Auto syndicate to video platform via api, cloud storage & social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also configure auto-archival in cloud/local storage.


V-live-PLAYOUT is "VoD-to-Live" cloud playout which creates 24x7 Live OTT Channels based on schedule of VoD files/playlists. The output live stream can be syndicated to digital, Social & OTT platforms.

For Ad-monetization start and end ad-breaks cue points can be scheduled in the playout using web console.


V-multi-STREAM is cloud based re-streaming solution used to push Live events/stream to multiple Social (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) and 3rd party RTMP/HLS destinations.

For Ad-monetization; multiple options like insertion of infographic graphic ads like L-Band, Sponsor Logo (or) Promo/Ad video replacement (or) SCTE-35 Ad-markers insertion can be used.

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Monetize Live TV streams on Youtube & Dailymotion

Monetize Live TV streams using Mid-roll videos ads during TV breaks on Social Platforms.


Vidgyor's AI/ML based Auto TV ad-break detection technology "V-Spot" can be integrated with Youtube & Dailymotion midroll api to trigger mid-roll video ads during TV commercial breaks on linear TV streams resulting in increased revenue from live tv streams.

Ad-Insertion Midroll ads are inserted on Youtube video player during TV breaks
Ad-Break Detection AI/ML based V-Spot
Monetization Youtube Ads, Dailymotion Ads
Ad-Tracking Youtube Reporting, Dailymotion Reporting
Platforms Youtube & Dailymotion
To monetize live tv streams on social

Mobile TV Apps & Video monetization SDK

Create your own branded Native OTT Apps for Mobile & Smart TV powered by our platform.


Vidgyor powered OTT Live & VoD streaming apps are designed to reflect your branding and shall be owned & marketed by you. Comes pre-integrated with Ad-monetization Video player SDK with multiple ad-formats. Get your own iOS, Android, FireTV video streaming apps powered by Vidgyor platform. Engage your viewers and turn them into loyal user base by providing personalized user experiences.

Live & VoD Streaming, Single Video CMS, Brand Color Theme, Monetization , Video Analytics , Social Sharing, Notifications, Hosting, API & Search

To build/monetize your Mobile/OTT apps

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